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Microblading Eyebrows

Got thinning or no brows, or just want them thicker? This technique create strokes appearing like real hairs

Got thinning or no eyebrows, or just want a filler look? Try semi-permanent hair strokes with this technique.

This major antioxidant produced in the body depletes with aging. When given in the vein, can help with controlling many diseases as reported by clients. Some improvement seen with skin brightening and smooth texture, reduce common cold symptoms, gives energy, helps with bodily pain, better sleep and improve mood, suppress acne, tone skin discoloration and more. Other vitamins can be added for a boost.

Body Fade Cream

By popular demand, clients are asking for a natural body cream that tones skin, and help fades discoloration without skin bleaching. A USA laboratory made Body Fading Cream is created. Ingredients include the natural glutathione, kojic acid, glycolic acid, vitamin C, licorice, lemon extract, and aloe Vera. One 8 ounce jar is $20. This body cream is thicker than a lotion and goes on smooth. Skin is instantly moisturized. Must apply sunscreen lotion SPF 30 and higher to sun-exposed areas.

Try microneedling. The process where tiny needles puncture the skin by a motorized hand-held device. After skin is fully numb, the use of serums with ingredients such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, Glutathione,  and glycolic acid can create healing of the skin. You can use your own blood platelets too, the process called PRP or platelet rich plasma. Studies show that a very high percentage of product penetration is created by this procedure.

Introducing Neil Famos a Jamaican born DJ who specializes in playing or selecting different kinds of music including reggae, dancehall, calypso, hip hop, gospel, disco, and more for many event. Even children’s parties, showers, weddings, graduation, dances, and more. Available for out of State and international travel. Send a message through this website.

Need a DJ?

Not for purchase online from vendor. Can purchase from a medical provider. Available for $65 in office and can ship anywhere in the USA. These capsules take a longer time to dissolve in our system making it more effective. Twice a day is recommended.

Glutathione injection

The master antioxidant can slow the process of some diseases while energizing and beautifying skin. Clients report joint pain relief, increase energy, uterine fibroid reduction, acne decrease, and an even complexion with glowing skin. Given with vitamin C. Route in the spa is by intravenous in a vein.

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