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The name Young & Aging Skin, the best skin care and makeup line created in Queens, New York City by nurse practitioner Dr. Barbara Beckford, line inspired by the young and mature adults seen in my medical spa for over 5 years, for different skin and body issues, especially hyperpigmentation. So I developed the skin line with natural ingredients to even skin tone. Visit store to view products ranging from the best gel cleanser made with kojic acid and turmeric, the best organic bar soaps – charcoal, tea tree mint, lemon turmeric, lemon zest, lemongrass, oatmeal milk and honey, and goat’s milk with eucalyptus-lavendar. The body fading cream is so popular. A skin brightening (not bleaching) body cream with natural ingredients like glutathione, vitamin C and E, kojic acid, alpha arbutin, lemon oil. The black castor oil organic oil is so nice and help with thinning hair and hair moisturizing. Body scrubs, scar and stretch mark treatments, ingrown hair/razor bumps treatment also available.

So why is the skin products so popular? Because they work. Natural ingredients do work to brighten and lighten. They help to give skin a clean glow. Remember to view the ingredients for the products for Young and Aging Skin in the shopping store. You can follow the Instagram pages for the skin and makeup, medical spa by clicking on the links on top of pages and end of pages. You will see the reviews too. The Young and Aging Skin like was developed in 2018. The makeup line is fairly new.. started in 2020. This will be a separate page because there is so much to chat about. You will see the best makeup on the market about to explode. But check it out in the store! The foundations are a favorite. They are so buttery, soft, light weight full coverage, doesn’t cake-up or run. Moisturizing too. Lip products? WOW! Stay put even if it’s not of a matte texture.

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