A Hands-On Vigorous Training

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Dr. Barbara Beckford, a DNP dedicated nurse practitioner, is the driving force behind our social media hands-on training for nurses. With her wealth of experience, Dr. Beckford has been the proud owner and overseer of a thriving medical spa in Queens, NY, since 2015, where various beauty treatments are expertly administered. Her true prowess lies in harnessing the power of social media, a platform through which a substantial portion of our clients is received. Dr. Beckford's guidance and expertise are invaluable for nurses seeking to master leveraging social media in the healthcare and beauty industry.

What you’ll learn. This is rigorous hands-on training up to 4 hours. A lap top computer and cell phone are needed

  1. Why use social media for business and the benefits
  2. My accomplishments and how I learned 
  3. The best way and time to post videos and photos 
  4. What posts can give you a warning and page deletion
  5. How to reply to good and bad comments
  6. Why a video consultation is best before booking an appointments
  7. How to spot page trollers and scammers
  8. How to boost paid Ads and the best captions 
  9. Using videos less than 60 seconds in posts and reel
  10. Using hashtags and why they work
  11. Changing your pages to business from personal
  12. Why you MUST do Lives 
  13. If you’re still employed, why you should not post during work hours
  14. Reasons you MUST NOT buy followers
  15. What your profile information should be
  16. DO NOT share too much of your personal information
  17. DO NOT solicit for business and services in messages
  18. Apps that you’ll need for editing
  19. Facebook training hands on   
  20. Instagram training hands on
  21. TikTok training hands on
  22. How to start an E-commerce or shopping store on each platform