How Does Laser Work?

Lets chat about hair removal

Laser hair removal for stopping hair follicles from growing, is still not understood by many. As a med-spa owner offering this popular service, is very effective for all skin types, depending on the device. Laser hair removal works only on dark hair for now. It does not work on gray or blonde hair. Reason why I suggest to start before gray hair sets in.

So what exactly is laser hair removal? Visit the link in this website to learn a little more. But here I will explain further. Laser is a light beam that when hits the skin, is absorbed by our pigment or melanin in the hair. When converted to heat, the hair follicles are damaged and then hair growth slows. This can also fade the discoloration from ingrown hair and razor bumps.

Wavelengths of the laser varies. The longer the better for dark skin. 755 nm wavelengths are termed alexandrites; 800 nm are termed diode; the 1064 nm are termed Nd: YAG (the one used in my medical spa). The device used is the Candela brand and emits cool water and air for comfort. The treatments with longer wavelengths are less and cost-effective. These devices are usually pricy and why some laser clinics don’t use them and/or because of the kinds of skin treated. The Candela Gentle YAG usually 6 sessions suffice. Rarely more than 6 is needed.

So go ahead and book your appointments for this safe and effective treatment. No numbing creams needed. Just lightly shave two days before. Laser works on the follicles, so no waxing, plucking, threading, etc before. Follicles are needed. Any body area can be done. Aloe gel is used after to cool the skin. As long as the temperature setting is appropriate for the skin type. So make sure makeup is removed and do not apply lotions or creams day of appointment.

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