Offering A Wide Array of Skincare Products

Offering A Wide Array of Skincare Products

Running a Successful Vitamin Infusion Practice. 11/7, 11/14, 11/21

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The owner of a medical spa with nearly 50% dedicated to I.V nutrition or vitamin infusion, you will learn how to manage a day-to-day practice & more. Classes are one day on a Monday or Sunday as a Live webinar at this time. You’ll know and see how to place I.Vs into the arms of real people if you choose to visit the medical spa. Classes are only for licensed registered nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, and physician assistants. Your licenses will be verified before training. If you’re not licensed in New York, you can receive enough information and will be able to watch demonstrations. 

For hands-on, a New York license is required. You’ll have 30 days after the webinar to shadow in the medical spa and be allowed two total visits. You will get 6 months mentoring after the webinar. 

Now what will you learn? 

Registered Nurses who are not Nurse Practitioners - you cannot practice on your own. You’ll need a doctor’s/NP’s order in order to see a client or open an account with a pharmacy. ****Please keep that in mind****

1. Legal issues on who can start such a business; professional liability insurance & more 

2. Who can order the medications 

3. How to set up accounts with the pharmacies & supply companies. 

4. What are the ingredients, purpose, & chemistry. The most common ingredients used 

5. How do the ingredients work in the body- physiology 

6. Patient selection, history taking, consent, protocols, medical history, blood work, & more 

7. IV sites selection & needle types

8. Solution to administer in

9. Handling emergencies  

10. Difficulty in accessing veins. My solutions 

11. Troubleshooting the unexpected 

12. Practice on a person & administering, monitoring

13. Specific compounding pharmacies for orders with contact information. What’s the difference between 503B and 503A pharmacies. 

14. Why I’ve never experienced a significant complication 

15. How to get your clients coming back

16. Money-saving techniques 

16. Unrealistic expectations? How to handle those initial phone calls and in-person visits 

17. …and much, much more 

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