Open An I.V Infusion Practice Dates: 5/16/21, 5/23, 5/30, 6/6, 6/13, & more. Date changes will be accommodated

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Have you ever wondered how to begin an intravenous nutrition or infusion business? You are at the right place. With 4 years of incorporating this service in my medical spa I’m running for 6 years, you’ll learn how I safely treated the hundreds of patients without any serious adverse reactions. This webinar is for nurse practitioners, doctors, or physician assistants. You’ll learn in this two hour live webinar:

* how to set up business

* how to become certified 

* benefits & how this helps the body 

* types of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and more given popular in this field with purpose and side effects 

* patient choice and who not to treat 

* best way to access veins & treat complications 

* anatomy/physiology of the body on how it react to these infusions 

* lab work 

* type of solutions to administer in

* peripheral I.V set up, needle types

* where to get the medications and supplies needed

* how to manage overall complications

* legal issues - know the laws

* how you can make a great income 

* how to set up shop 

* money saving tips 

* my personal experience on how I treat & manage 

* marketing and much, much more 

* 6 months free mentoring after the webinar 

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