Offering A Wide Array of Skincare Products

Offering A Wide Array of Skincare Products

Nurse Practitioners! Start and Manage a Medical Spa

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Nurse Practitioners Receive Mentoring
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Nurse Practitioners (NPs) who are interested in learning the steps to becoming an owner of a medical spa in the United States. You will learn from the successful owner of Skin Esteem by B. Beckford, a medical spa in Queens, NYC, by Dr. Barbara Beckford, a Nurse Practitioner. For nearly eight years, I’ve managed and owned this spa single-handedly and seen countless clients offering various medical aesthetics services. Sign up, and you will receive a link to join the video conference. Apart from the workshop, you’ll receive 30 days of free mentoring, including seven visits to the medical spa for shadowing. The mentoring and visits must be within 6 months after the webinar. The goal is to offer you personal insights into what I’m experiencing and how I’m making it a success single-handedly—seeing over 5k clients and counting, with new ones daily. See why prospective clients travel from other States and Countries for my services. The webinar-printed information will be yours as a reference.

What will you learn in the 2 hours webinar?

  • how to come up with a legal name and fictitious name
  • legal business set up companies
  • professional liability insurance
  • State regulations
  • best certification programs in aesthetics & why I chose those
  • what duties can and cannot be done in your State - where I got the information from
  • marketing and money saving-tips
  • clocking $2k-$10k a day is easy
  • credit card payments, etc
  • Why it’s best to invest in learning
  • learn how to deal with staff vs. being alone
  • how social media will build your brand & how I did it
  • how to get the courage and go Live on social media
  • why it’s essential to listen to your patients
  • running your medspa as a friendly environment
  • accounts for pharmacies and manufacturers
  • Don’t be tricked into buying or leasing a medical equipment when you’re new into business
  • hiring staff and nightmares to avoid
  • How to avoid law suits 
  • how to deal with clients, including difficult & dishonest ones
  • who to see as clients 
  • which clients not to see
  • services offered and how to pick & choose
  • Other required licenses 
  • why your Reps are the best resources
  • how I became a master injector for Les Encres threads
  • Why you’d make big bucks doing thread lift 
  • Signing you up for thread lifting
  • best accounts to buy products
  • best website hosting company
  • why you need to sell skin products & makeup
  • do something other than nursing as a backup
  • Location, location, location 
  • how I managed daily
  • staff embezzlement in med spas
  • vitamin infusion therapy 
  • phone call and messages in gaining clients
  • good idea to offer services outside of nursing
  • money-management finances, and much more
  • All will be reinforced as you go and visits to the office is highly recommended. 
  • … and much more 
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