Juvederm/Belotero, Botox/Xeomin, & Voluma Promotions for a Limited Time

Get 1 syringe of Juvederm (0.4 ml) or Belotero (1 ml) lasting 6 months for $400 

Get 1 Juvederm syringe (1 ml) lasting 6 months $475

Get 1 Juvederm syringe lasting 1 year for $525

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Juvederm before & after to laugh lines

Voluma before and after

Voluma before & after. Look how natural this looks with a younger appearance

Juvederm Voluma for cheek plumping or lifting $750 per syringe lasting 2 or more years

Get Botox or Xeomin for wrinkles to forehead and/or frown line and crow’s feet for $500 usually $800-$900. Save more when purchase 2 0r 3 areas. Purchase individual areas:¬†Forehead $ 400-500, Frown Line $200, and Crow’s Feet $ 200. Face looks better when forehead and frown line are done together. Both areas complement each other.

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Xeomin before & after

queens beauty spa medispa

Botox before & after

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